Ultraviolent Unknown



For my Lover,shut in Lunatic Labyrinth

only a lot of dried or flesh dead For 495?

Please,Please I'm wonder. Stop Splatting beside the jail

Bait my first pretty arriving toy

surprising one day with crimson high up

since your grampa's grampa's grampa's grampa's gone I was called

"Outrageous Homicide"

あなたは 眠るの

わたしを 残して

わたしの 孤独を

あなたが 残して

Play with me Please serve me Never stop supply your love to me

Dropping glass Splashed wine Noisy echo of somebody's scream

Shut up! wants to live as a doll or die?

Dont be broken Before telling my love

Dont be broken Before I get sick of you

Dont be broken Before kissing to me

Dont be broken Before telling my love

Dont be death Before I crash my doll

Dont escape I just wanted my toy

Dont hate me Noone has achieved

Dont neglect All i want That is

あなたも 消えたの

わたしも 誰でも

かれらを 殺した

わたしと 遊んで

Another World? Is everybody in?

What does she Wonder? In her mind, nomore database

What does she know? -You may sorrow-

Another Word -WhenI say "so long"-

Another World? Is everybody in?

Somebody's Scream

Bloody Brutal Vampire

2nd Demo single「sphere」(2014年10月12日 第10回東方紅楼夢にて頒布)